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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Now it is 45

People killed in the cartoon riots. At least according to the Associated Press.

In my discussion of blame in the last post, I should have made a special point of condemning the imam who forged three cartoons -- truly offensive ones, far worse than the original -- and included them in the folder he claimed had been printed. If they actually had been in the group, it would have made the over-reaction, if not excusable, a little more understandable.


Blogger Omar said...

Hi Jim, you left a comment on my blog regarding the "connection between Jesus and Israel"
I came by to check the post you mentioned in your comment. I would like to invite you to open the dialogue with us in "Bridge the Gap"
I would like to also invite you to become a volunteer in this project that tries to make connections between east and west. Once you write your post, I'll publish it for you in Bridge the Gap, and then we can can have a discussion. Plan?

4:34 PM  
Blogger Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

I'd be glad to join the dialogue. I'm not sure what is involved in 'volunteering' but if I am able to -- I'm new at blogging and am never sure how my time is committed -- I will.

The post I am going to be putting up here on the 'Muslim mindset' -- yes, it is a generalization and I will be explaining this -- has been delayed slightly by a personal problem that has exploded on me and needs to be taken care of. I hope to get a preliminary post later today, and the main one later in the week.

You have, inadvertently, mischaracterized my post on your blog, which was about how, while many Muslims see "Armageddon" or the "Last Days" as a Muslim/Christian clash, few Christians, even among the minority who take the concept seriously, see Muslims as a factor in the 'final battle.'

11:03 AM  

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