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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This one I DON'T understand

I've always tended to get a lot of wrong number calls, but recently I have been getting automated ones. The phone rings, I pick it up, and an obviously mechanical voice goes "Sorry, my mistake."


It seems likely there is something behind this. If five minutes later I got a call from one of the many services trying to offer me a new mortgage -- on a house I don't own -- or a GREAT BUY on satellite tv -- which, being sensible, I got years ago -- or the discount coupon book I won for entering a contest in local shopping malls -- which I haven't been to in ten years -- I'd understand it. But so far I haven't gotten any followup.

Is there some sort of mechanical equivalent of "if a man answers, hang up?" (Wonder how they would have dealt with my mother, whose voice was so 'masculine' that I loved seeing the look on the faces of friends when she called their homes. "Who is this?"
"Jim's mother."
"His WHAT!!!!???)

Does anyone out there have the faintest idea what is going on with these calls?


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