If it is it doesn't matter

Friday, February 10, 2006

What this blog - and I -- am about

It will be an eclectic stew, I guess. Primarily the topics will be on politics (I'm a liberal Democrat) -- religion (a tolerant atheist) -- skeptical thinking (not tolerant here, not of quackery, psuedoscience or general nonsense) -- sex (I'm bisexual, and was brought up in a lesbian household in suburban New Jersey in the 50s, which gives me a different slant on a LOT of things), you know, the usual stuff people used to be taught not to talk about at parties and that the blog world would disappear without.

But there will be a lot of other things popping up here and there. TV, Baseball (been a Mets fan since there were Mets -- if not before -- and even remember the 63 team -- everybody remembers the 62 Mets, even if they weren't born then, but I remember Larry Burright and Tim Harkness on the right side of the infield *groan*), mystery stories, Pakistani music (I'm not desi and can't speak Urdu, but I discovered it a while ago and it is the best pop music currently going), occasional recipes (I'm the cook in the house), and, of course, cats. (I have 5 who will be introduced slowly.)

And anything else that my wandering mind happens to stumble on or over.

I'll also be having at least one regular columnist popping up, a cyber-friend from Dubai who should have an interesting slant on things himself. We don't agree on much, we haven't since we both were members of a forum, but we like each other and he should serve as a counterweight to some of my wilder ideas.

Speaking of counterweights, I am married. I don't know if I can convince my wife to contribute -- in fifteen years I've rarely been able to convince her to do anything -- but I hope to. What she'll talk about is anyone's guess.

And one last thing in this post -- they'll be getting smoother as I get used to doing this -- the title and my nickname. Both from my favorite G&S line:

Particularly Rapid Unintelligible Patter
Isn't generally heard and
If it is it doesn't matter.

(from "The Gondoliers")


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