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Monday, March 13, 2006

Bad Prup!!

I have been neglecting this for a while -- mostly because I've gotten so busy reading other blogs and posting comments there that I forget I have one of my own. (And my comments are frequently as long as my posts.) I won't deny that the World Baseball Classic has taken up more than a little of my time as well. And maybe the one justifiable excuse is that I have been gaining more and more knowledge, and my positions are firming up a bit.

Sadly, they are firming up in a way less and less favorable to Islam. The more I read, the less likely I think that a reformation in it is possible, and the more likely I see of a major conflict with it. I continue to hope that someone will show me I am wrong, but the hope is getting thinner and thinner. (A bloger has promised to send me a book dealing with Muslim women that i expect to weigh carefully. She is one of the participants in it, and she is a woman who converted in adult life to Islam, so she'll be showing me a distinctly different viewpoint.)

I will be continuing the series, and I will also be doing posts on other things, including getting back to my cats, discussing the upcoming baseball season, and the season finales of STARGATE, ATLANTIS, and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, as well as other things my wandering mind lights on. I'll try to post at least every other day, maybe I can squeeze out the time for daily postings.

Thanx for the nice comments I have already received. And let's cheat a bit and reuse a long comment I made on a blog for my next post.


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