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Saturday, March 25, 2006


I read it first on Treasure of Iraq's blog:
He is a good reporter, but he has -- as he should -- a point of view, and it is not favorable to America. But it isn't a story, i believe, that he covered, He cites TIME Magazine, and i went there.

TIME Magazine may no longer be the automatically pro-American mag it was during the Luce days, but it is still hardly a far-left -- or left at all -- magazine, except in the paranoid eyes of the Ann Coulters. It ran this story, and I hope anyone who can reads it:

This is the Iraqi My Lai, if it proves to be true. Yes, it was a mistake, yes it was a company of Marines enraged and crazed by the death of one of their own, and yes, Haditha was a 'stronghold of the resistance.' These are not excuses. What we did there was a true atrocity -- and there is evidence it is not an isolated incident.

Yes, I believe that Iraq would be better as a democracy, and the more secular the better.
Yes, I believe that America, despite its blunders, is still the 'light of the world,' pointing the way to the sort of world that we need to have.
Yes, I believe that George W. Bush is a self-deluding, religion-drunk fool rather than an evil man, and that his motives were not either homicidal mania, greed for oil, or a religious crusade.
Yes, I believe that the others involved in this policy were mostly acting out of high motives. (And even those who were acting from mixed ones, from petty greed and corruption, were not basically evil, merely selfishly trying to 'get a cut' of available monies.)
Yes, I believe that if George Bush could truly grasp Haditha, Abu Gharaib and the rest through his blinders and his inability to admit a mistake, he would spend days racked with tears.
Yes, I feel sorry for what will happen in Iraq after we leave, until they settle down into some form of government or governments.


The pictures of Haditha are spreading through the blogosphere. It is those, and the Abu Gharaib ones, and Falluja that will define what we were doing there -- never mind that it is our freedom of the press, our ability to self-criticize that brought them to light. Yes, it is true that, as our apologists say -- read the comments on TREASURE OF BAGHDAD -- that the religious fanatics and 'insurgents' have killed more Iraqis than we have, and more innocents. This has been the last straw. We can no longer accomplish our aims. Every day we are there, we are hurting ourselves, and hurting the chances of Iraq ever becoming a democracy instead of a new Iran, or a tortured Lebanon.

We have to do it wisely. We have to take a short time to protect those who we have already helped. But we no longer have a choice.



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