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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Question 1b

(References are to ther earlier parts of the question as originally posted.)

1b: If you do, how do you explain the inconsistencies, contradictions, and specifically the scientific and historical errors, for example (all quotes are from Pickthal)

18:86 Till, when he reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring

18:90 Till, when he reached the rising-place of the sun, he found it rising on a people for whom We had appointed no shelter therefrom.
And the many other places where the Qur'an supports a geocentric Universe

(not as wrong, just silly is 67:5 And verily We have beautified the world's heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom of flame. And if you think this is merely an obsolete quirk, the following was quoted in "Islam Q&A" "Al-Bukhaari said in his Saheeh: Qutaadah said: “Allaah created these stars for three purposes: to adorn the heavens, to stone the devils and as signs by which to navigate. Whoever seeks anything else in them is mistaken and does not benefit from them, and he is wasting his time and effort in seeking something of which he has no knowledge.” (Saheeh al-Bukhaari, Baab fi’l-Nujoom, 2/240) by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid )

For history, see 5:116 "And when Allah saith: O Jesus, son of Mary! Didst thou say unto mankind: Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah ?" implying Mary is part of the Christian Trinity

or 7:124 "Surely I shall have your hands and feet cut off upon alternate sides. Then I shall crucify you every one." supposedly spoken by the Pharaoh of the Exodus when crucifixion was invented by the Romans centuries later.


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