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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Question 2

These posts are part of a series of questions directed at 'moderate Muslims' and 'Muslim reformers.' They were originally published below in large posts, I have broken them up to aid discussion. This section is on legal matters and Sharia. (There will be a final miscellaneous section to cover areas I did not cover)

2: Do you believe that Muslims should be under Shariah law -- not obey it but be governed by it -- either in Muslim countries or in Muslim communities existing in non-Muslim countries?


Anonymous ali said...

According to the Shariah if they abide in a non-islamic country they are subject to its rules and laws and must obey them or migrate if it affects their ability to be muslim. If they want to and can affect such a condition in their country of residence then there is no reason for them not to be.

In muslims countries Sharia laws and punishments are not supposed to be applied to non-muslims. It was intended to be in respect for their differing belief system.

11:16 AM  

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