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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Question 2f

2f: Many of the punishments that are supposedly based on sharia and on specific verses of the Qur'an or on Hadiths are seen as excessively harsh, and when countries have attempted to impliment them, there have been outcries against them, both from within and without the countries. Do you accept such punishments, and if not, how do you get around the Qur'anic verses that seem to call for them?


Anonymous ali said...

There is a hadith that a man came to the prophet confessing to adultery, the prophet turned away from him, and refused to hear him until this happened thrice and then eventually accepted his confession and prnounced the verdict.

In essense that is the guiding principle. You are supposed to give them the benefit of doubt, the punishment for flagrant violators and islamic law inherently allows for leniency. Liberal application of the sentence is not proscribed. Other avenues for reform should be exhausted first.

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