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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Question 3a

3a: In which cases do you consider Islamic values superior to Western ones on similar topics?


Anonymous ali said...

This would be very subjective and is too vast a debate to even begin.

For me Islam is about submission to gods will. Spiritually speaking the external form will enforce the internal, and it is the greatest Jihad to acheive this state.

On the other hand I don't see any serious bifurcation of values except in the sexual sense. Then again I see strong bifurcations between the real world practice of values that I see advocated in Islam and beleive they are only an extension of the social power structures in place. The social shake-down due to economic pressures that has taken place in the west has not yet occured in the rest of the world to empower women to reclaim the excerise of their rights.

The other major bifurcation is in the legal punishments. Then again there are many legal prohibitions and strictures in place within islam that regulate and restrict their enforcements. Once again this is not seen in practice.

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