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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Question 3f

3f: There are many tenets of Islam that I can wholeheartedly agree with, such as giving to the poor, the equality of all, taking care of relatives, etc. But in Islam, these commands seem to be limited to believers, thus 'all Muslims are equal before God. Other religions are less strict in such dinstinctions. For example, Jewish and Christian charities, in most cases -- not all -- give benefits to those not of their faiths. Can Islam extend those ideas to non-believers as well?


Anonymous ali said...

You are incorrect in your understaing of their limits. They are not limited to muslims or even humans and can be extended to animals as well.

Muslims are placed first because muslims have viewed charity to begin at home, then neigbours, friends, clan tribe etc in a slowly expanding social network.

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