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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Questions 3g

3g: Several places in the Qur'an assume the existence of slavery, particularly the enslavement of prisoners of war. (Thus the first punishment for killing a believer accidentally is to free a believing slave. And there are several verses permitting a -- male -- Muslim to have sex with a slave.) Yet, today, slavery is viewed as barbaric, inhuman, and something that humanity has 'put behind itself." How do you reconcile or accept this?


Anonymous ali said...

Why are you even asking this question? There is nothing to reconcile and accept. Slavery was a social institution while not forbidden, definitely discouraged. With international treaties in place regulating POW treatment in the modern age, that is the commitement of all modern islamic nations.

Even though the slave institution was markedly different from the European version I do not even beleive there is even any discussion in the muslim world regarding the reinstatement of this institution. In short no one is unhappy at its passing, and a new economy and social realization has taken its place making it both redundant and reprehensible.

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