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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another distraction - like I needed one

Well, I will be trying to get back to this blog as well as "100 Camels" but there's a lot going on. The examination of the Qur'an IS important, doctor trips and the Mets are intervening, and there are a lot of tv shows to watch. (I STILL haven't discussed DR. WHO. I'll get to it, but the difference in the improvement in this and that in the reworked BATTLESTAR is that the original BATTLESTAR was a LOUSY show. DR. WHO was, despite the chessiness of the effects, a very good one. But both are so much better in the new versions that they are major shows on the 'must watch' category.) Then there are all the blogs with discussions so interesting that I have to put my 3 1/2 cents worth in. (Not conceit, inflation.)

So the last thing I needed to do was visit the branch of the Brooklyn Public Library over by my doctor's office on my way to visit him. The BPL has a book sale in every branch, and the prices are usually great, $1.00 for hardbacks, $.50 for paperbacks -- even large sized ones. Every so often, especially at that branch, they have a super-sale, with hardcovers at $.25 and pbs at $.10. And when I stop by the pile has been picked through enough that I frequently leave with nothing but thanks from my wife for not adding to the clutter and chaos that already fills the house. (3,000 books take up a lot of space, and no, I'm not the best at getting things reshelved.)

This time I was early enough. I only spent $2.55, but that meant 5 hardbacks and 13 pbs. Well, it does mean I'll finally be adding mystery reviews to this.

Sleep, what's sleep?


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