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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

As usual

I'm ridiculously behind on this blog. I'm giving up promising to get to various things. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier, but we'll see -- the trouble is still that i get lost in comenting elsewhere then get called away to domestic duties.

But I have one comment to make, that I will discuss in the next post.


I have become convinced he has both the courage and the sense to handle the job, and is head and shoulders above the other people in the race. (I could easily support Wesley Clark, though I'd love a Feingold-Clark ticket, and probably could go for Bayh or even Edwards without holding my nose.) Hilary would be a disaster as a candidate, even if I saw her as a potentially good President -- she's the only candidate who would surrender all the benefits of the Republicans' unpopularity. Gore is almost as bad, people still see him as a clown. And Lieberman is simply unthinkable. (If I wanted to voite for a Republican, I'd vote for Hegel or Giuliani, someone who'd call himself what he was.)


Blogger Jai said...

I'd prefer a Clark/Feingold ticket. Based on their experience and abilities, it makes more sense for Clark to serve as Commander-in-Chief, and Feingold as President of the Senate. My combo also sidesteps Feingold's potential electability issues. Eight years as VP would give the piblic time to get to know him by his merits and they'd be more inclined to overlook what are basically superficial (but still real) problems. And he's certainly young enough to carry on in 2016.

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