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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why Feingold?

As I said way back here
I am a proud liberal who feels the only chance the Democratic Party has to regain its soul and to conquer the cascading falsehoods about what it is and who liberals are is to nominate and elect someone who isn't afraid of his own principles, and who will stand up for them. (And I don't mean people like Howard Dean or Dennis Kucinich.) Feingold's willingness to attempt to bring Bush to account, and to force the Senate to take a stand on the unconstitutional and ilegal invasions of privacy was one thing in his favor, as was his fighting for serious campaign reform, even though his bill was far from perfect. And today i have learned he is willing to take a stand in FAVOR of Same-Sex marriage.

I have grown bloody sick and tired of Democrats who run screaming from the idea of being called liberals, who hedge and duck and Clintonize every issue. (The idiots don't seem to realize that the Republican lie machine will still try and accuse them of the very positions they are ducking away from, but because they are so busy ducking, they never have a chance to actually DEFEND these positions. I think I would require every candidate running on the democratic ticket for state or national office to take plenty of anti-nausea pills and spend a couple of hours reading Debbie Schussell. Then they might get the idea that if they are going to be condemned and lied about whatever they do, they might as well take strong stands on what they believe in, because it can't hurt them.)

Meanwhile, the Republicans get the reputation for being 'people who say what they believe' and who take strong positions whether they are popular or not.' (Yeah, RIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT.) And they get votes, plenty of them, from people who disagree with them on important matters. The American people support abortion, support gay rights, oppose the war, oppose theocratic experiments, but they still give lots of votes to Republicans, because Democrats so hedge their positions that they aren't trusted. They don't win support from the uncommitted by hedging, because everybody sees they are, and they lose support from the committed because they imply that they will back off under pressure.

I don't think that Russ Feingold needs to be told any of this. I think he's a popular, charismatic, and honest candidate, one who has been elected repeatedly in a borderline 'Red State" (despite its history of Progressiveism). And so, I say again



Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

I hope this doesn't disqualify him in the minds of too many of the right-of-center Democrats Inside the Beltway who exercize undo influence on the Democratic Party. Feingold's my #1 choice for president... by far.

10:39 PM  

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