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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The 35th Edition of the Skeptical Circle

Is now up at Skeptico's blog. It's one of the biggest episodes so far, and I am honored that my contribution "Born gay or misbegotten studies: 1 Ill-fitting Genes" is included.

For those of you who have never come across this bi-weekly collection of the best of the Skeptical Bloggers, you should check this out, and follow the links to previous editions as well. The discussions range from debunking junk science -- like the supposed link between mercury and autism -- to displaying the latest idiocy of the Creationists (in that guise or in the 'modern clothes' of the Intelligent Design movement) to exposes of some delightful weirdness on the fringes -- you have to check out Mark Chu-Carrol's post on one of the weirder sites dealing with gematria on his "Good Math, Bad Math" site

Other subjects touched on include one of the best demolitions of the "9/11 Conspiracy" Myth on the Daylight Atheism site Holocaust denial is another frequent topic that gets exploded. And writers such as Orac of Respectful Insolence
-- an academic and practicing surgeon -- can always be counted on to blast some passing medical quackery.

(I should explain an in-joke for newcomers in this edition. Recently someone, an Intelligent Designer named Kenesaw Williams, has been using Skeptico's name for posts and as the title of his own blog. This has outraged any number of the Skeptical Community, so Skeptico's framing of the edition -- supposedly as being 'guest-hosted' by Williams -- is his own way of getting his own back.)

Anyway, enjoy, and come back here soon, getting included has resparked my blogging engine and I will actually get part 2 up for the next edition.


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