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Saturday, July 15, 2006

It Oughta Be Simple

In a democracy, if you vote for somebody, your vote is counted for that person, right. Oh, sure, there has been a lot of election trickery throughout the years. A lot of cemetery residents have voted more regularly in death than they ever did in life. And a lot of people have been discouraged from voting with long lines, threats, and even legal prohibitions if they were expected to vote the 'wrong way.' And twice a Supreme Court justice has been the decider in a Presidential election -- not just Bush v Gore but in the Hayes-Tilden election where the deciding vote in the Electoral Commission was Justice Davis -- and in both cases most people who have studied it viewed the result as wrong.

But the votes we actually cast have been sacrosanct, if they ever reached the counting table -- ballot boxes have been 'lost'. So, when the DEAD ZONE had its main villain discussing electronic voting machines in June, 2004 as follows:

Let me ask a stupid question.
Does it even matter which one I
The men laugh.
Of course it matters. Every vote
...some just count more than
In a close election like yours,
it all comes down to margin of
error. The digital equivalent of
a hanging Chad.
And there's no paper trail?
Only one we generate...
Stillson touches the screen next to his name, registering
a vote for himself. He stares at the screen, transfixed.
Better than sex isn't it?
Stillson throws a look to Man Two.
You, my friend, need to get out
The men all laugh.

(It's from Finding Rachel, Pt.1. You can find the script here)

I thought they were 'going over the top' again. (I keep on underestimating the show. For example, when Stillson is involved in a corrupt deal with a lobbyist, it involves Indian casinos -- Hello, Jack Abramoff -- and this one was shown long before any of the scandals broke.) There are security measures obvious even to me -- and I've declared myself 'technologically declined' and my lack of a 'blogroll' keeps proving it -- that could be taken to prevent something like this from happening.



Blogger Ed Darrell said...

So if it's easy to see, then the reason legislators and other politicians don't see it is . . .

And if the fixes are so apparent, the reason we don't get them is . . .

Are you trying to make us cynical? Or is that just the only logical choice given the information?

6:07 AM  

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